At some point in college the idea “it doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you are doing what you love,” snuck its way into my formation of a 5 year plan. Obviously that 5 year plan has been scrapped and reimagined ten katrillion times over, and I’ve gradually also scrapped that platitude. Not […]

The Things I Carry aka the Stuff in my Bag

Perhaps it’s a genetic thing, carrying a big bag. I always kind of thought my mom was a bit silly, picking us up from school and driving us to piano lessons with a massive—I mean massive—purse causing an unceasing lilt in her shoulders. And now, though I’m not even a mom, I’m only carrying stuff […]

a random list of goals, dreams and extremely unstructured castles in the sky which I haven’t built a foundation for and so will probably crumble and crush my head sometime soon one of these days.

Okay okay. Perhaps this is something that only my mom, dad, and grandparents will find any sort of satisfaction in reading since it’s just a whole big blather about my #hopes and #dreams—but what else is a personal blog for? Oh. fine. Relevant and witty observations on society in 2018? Meh. Skipping that for a […]

NOT. SORRY. It’s your turn.

Yes, I have become (overly?) obsessed with political podcasts and dare I say it, Twitter, during my time in China. At first it was just because I was lonely and needed to listen to other people’s conversations because I wasn’t having enough of my own… because the millions of people surrounding me in Kunming speak […]

Don’t read if you support the Patriarchy

I had one day of work left before my week-long summer holiday (I hang out with too many British people now and so I say holiday instead of vacation. All my dreams are coming true.) I still had to pack my bag, but very little stood between me a week of doing as-yet unspecified activities […]

Why I hate American Colonialism and a Pillow

Here is one of the most depressing truths about China: the beds are as hard as Donald Trump’s resolve to continue making a fool of both himself and the United States of America. Seriously, it’s almost like I’ve embarked on a year long camping trip and forgot to bring my sleeping pad. That might even […]

I think. I hope. And a dream.

The familiar sound of cars driving down Poplar Street were an immense source of confusion when I woke up this morning. I’ve woken up to that sound for the last eight months or so, and yet I still looked up to see the still more familiar silohuette of the rhodendron-like tree that stands outside my […]

Ugly bows and cries, plus a lil Cheese

I sobbed in my bed last night. It was the first time that I’ve sobbed in my bed in about two months, an odd amount of time considering the conglomeration of life events that have happened to me in that time span. Clarification: I’ve cried in plenty of other places, just not in my bed. […]

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