The first day of falling

Today is the first day of “fall” and to celebrate I’ve done nothing but lay in my bed and pretend I’m getting stuff done on my phone while netflix-ing. It’s Alejandra’s birthday, and I posted a picture of us from the beginning of summer. Last time the season was changing I was in Soria playing soccer […]

I think that it was in a dream sometime lately that someone said to me–no wow. It wasn’t in a dream, it was real, people are too kind–they told me that my writing sounded like me talking. That was the first thing I loved about this book. It sounded like the inside of the character’s […]

The one-way mirror

Last night my boss gave me a tirade about why Hillary is so awful that it might actually be better for Donald to be elected so that “people will take to the streets,” “we can change our political system.” … Three nights ago, a 70ish year old man gave me an unrequested, slobbery kiss on […]

The Spiky Stuff

Everyone’s their own unique brand of crazy, with that I’m intimately familiar, but I discovered last night that I expect normality out of the people around me. … I didn’t want to take the table in the first place. What I had presumed to be my last table of the night was doing the I’m-too-full-to-eat-anything-more-but-this-is-too-damn-delicious slow […]

That time I got deported

The ironic thing is, when I was waiting in line to check my massive backpack into my flight from Gothenburg to Gatwick I felt completely in control. Completely in control of having no idea what I’m going to do or where I’m going to be for the month of May–but completely in control of not […]


For those of you severely behind the Audrey times, I have moved on to the blue and blonde and tall land of Sweden. For those of you who crave that marvelous feeling called whiplash, I highly recommend going straight from España to Sweden. Everything is so far from the same that it’s hard to believe that you […]


How many times can you build and kick over a tower of blocks? If you’re two years old, the answer is at least twenty-three before you move on to your play kitchen. That’s what Carlota is doing, every so often saying “a TU” to indicate that it’s my turn to kick over the tower. Every […]

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